Landon Caldwell

is an Indianapolis based artist, musician, composer, and producer. His work explores the language of intuition, chance, family, and ecology in the industrial Midwest, frequently utilizing minimalism and improvisation.
He has toured in the United States, Canada, and Europe and is regularly engaged with artists and musicians across the Midwest. Since 2016 he has co-operated Medium Sound, producing a number of the label's releases.
From 2017 to 2020 he was a co-owner/operator of A-Space, a community-focused audio workspace. Since 2020 his work with sound has ventured into conceptual, performative, and installation based work.
His collaborative work expands into multi-disciplinary fields, working with film, visual arts, sculpture, poetry, dance, and more.


Sonic PotluckAn upcoming artist-in-residence program in collaboration with Rob Funkhouser. The residency explores community building through experimental composition. Through workshops, performances, installations, and an exhibition the artists aim to demystify the processes used in experimental music, create community, and encourage exploration and play.Cathead Press, Indianapolis, November & December 2021
Everything I Hear Will Outlive MeA project exploring the use of space as instrument, stimulating and manifesting our engagement with our environment. The project, funded by a grant from Big Car Collaborative and the Andy Warhol Foundation, presents a multiphonic sound installation where listeners control the sounds by moving through the space. The movement triggers proximity sensors that affect a custom programmed generative synthesizer. 
Black RiverComposition for video by Jan Stallerscore, 2021
THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND RECORDING OF GENERATIVE MUSICOne of a kind tapes of music created using a generative synthesis engine controlling various synthesizers including self-programmed digital synthesizer, as well as FM, wave-table, and analog. This is a collection of sounds that have been featured in some installation work, as well as other recorded work.tape, 2021
BLOOMgenerative light installation for weary late-night travelers of East 10th Street.artist's residence, March 21, 2021
SUBTERRANEAN ASSEMBLAGEprivate basement multimedia installation with salvaged lights, music box rolls, flute, and generative, FM, analogue, & wavetable synthesizers.artist's residence, 2021
COMPOSITION BLOCKSThis set of 6 blocks is a new tool for composition. Each side of each block has a specific instruction or strategy. The blocks can be used as a chance operation, a creative strategy device for working through a composition, or they themselves can be the composition.2020
THE PEOPLE'S LIVING SOUND LIBRARYA collection depot for community-submitted, one-of-a-kind cassette tapes with an emphasis on recordings of live home performances with no back ups, particularly digital. Strictly one-of-a-kind. (Jammin straight to your tape deck). The People’s Living Sound Library is a garden of music. Things come and go and come again. It returns scarcity and sacredness to music in a time when music has become omnipresent. Listening requires effort. Participation is like tending a garden. This project is intended to be anti-curatorial, anti-availability, anti-archivist. Strictly one-of-a-kind, a break from our obsession with over documentation and preservation. Strictly one-of-a-kind, to break listeners from the inundation of media, the waste of access, the skip button. To return to the joy of the unknown: gotta take it home, can’t hear it here. Be kind, rewind before you return. Or don’t. We all miss live music. This is a way for us to share a unique experience of music without being together in the same space. An experiment to see if we can share similar psychic states in different places in space and time. An attempt to approach music as a folk art again, something to develop in the confines of a community.2020, State Street Pub
PEACE PARKSite specific composition for the Peace Park at the Paramount School of Excellence. The park was created by students and staff. The piece was commissioned by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.2020, Brookside Neighborhood, Indianapolis
DEAR FRIENDThis film was created as a gift for our loved ones while we were all in isolation. The sole utility of the piece is to brighten up your day and to bring you back to the little pleasures of childhood. Filmed and in-camera edited in Super 8mm by Rocio Mesa with an original soundtrack by Landon Caldwell. 
QUARANTINE MEDITATIONSone time, 1 hour radio broadcast of meditative drones composed in quarantine for world healing2020, 99.1 WQRT-LP
BICYCLE DAYbegins as a conceptual performance during quarantine to engage my neighborhood, explore the utility of sound beyond its commodity. A mobile sound bath. An early version of the composition was broadcast from a speaker mounted to a bicycle and played throughout my neighborhood. The most important music encourages us to imagine a different world. What would happen if we removed that music from the underground and injected it into the public life?2020, Irvington
FOUND IN A HOUSEmultimedia group performance incorporating music, film, and dance.2019, White Rabbit
CHURCH OF THE INFINITE SPACE RITUALopen invitation community improvisation and extended drone sound installation in the artist's windowless living quarters2012, Shared Heritage



Landon Caldwell
Black Beauty (Medium Sound)
White Tape (self-released)
Red Tape (self-released)
Global Drift (Medium Sound)
Prelude to the Dog Ballet: Select Works '15 - '18 (self released)
Unity (Atlantic Rhythms)
Bicycle Day (Mock Records)
Unity In Isolation (with Nick Yeck-Stauffer) (Astral Editions)
Deep Strand (Trouble In Mind)
Simultaneous Systems (with Flower Head Ensemble) (Moon Glyph)
Linear Revolutions (with Mac Blackout) (Trouble In Mind)

Former Sucker (Medium Sound)
Sugar Times (Castle Bravo)
Two Reels (Medium Sound)
Live Times (Medium Sound)
Little Flower (Astral Spirits)
Mark and Landon - Vol. 1 (Medium Sound)

Creeping Pink
A Feast from the Village Pantry (On Credit)
Future Acid Family (Holy Infinite Freedom Revival)
Mirror Woods (Castle Face)
Glass Castle (Medium Sound)
A Parliament of Trees (Magnetic South)
__________ (self released)
Found In A House (self released)

Nathaniel Russell & Landon Caldwell
Peace Jazz Now (The Smudge)

Thee Open Sex
White Horses (Sophomore Lounge)

Crazy Doberman
S/T - (Mastermind)
Rust Clatter For the Midwest Sun (I Dischi Del Barone)
Illusory Expansion (Astral Spirits)
FOUR hymns for UN-REST (self-released)
hypnagogic relapse and other penumberal phenomena (Digital Regress)

Burnt Ones
Gift (Castle Face)
The Space Lady/Burnt Ones split (Castle Face)
Last Draft in Different Rooms (self-released)

American Cream
Embrace You Millions (Medium Sound)

Aaron Diko's DDCT (Empty Cellar/Medium Sound)

Production, Engineering, & Mastering
Crazy Doberman, Mark Tester, Total Disgust, MKII, Zurich Cloud Motors, Rob Funkhouser, Duncan Kissinger, The Dayton Exchange, Solid Squares, Dirtbike


MORNING MEDITATIONLong running music program features kosmische, free and spiritual jazz, outsider rock, modern classical, ambient and electronic music, and more. Previous episodes here.
SATURDAY MORNING IN A FIELD OF DANDELIONSChildren's radio hour of quality content that respects and uplifts children's creativity and intelligence, featuring curated and original content. Previous episodes here.
AN ACCIDENT IN THE BAYexperimental radio drama composed and produced in the San Francisco Bay Area. Listen here.
GARFIELD PARK CONSERVATORYSite specific composition created for radio broadcast. A sonic tour of mood and ambiance for the rainforest themed conservatory in the oldest park in Indianapolis. Listen here.


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